Ningbo ABLER Maternity Hospital is a focus on providing high-quality Chinese and foreign families obstetric, gynecological, month of service, modern hospital neonatal health management and other medical services. Hospital reference JCI accreditation standards of the International Department of the establishment of the American Joint Committee to develop, is a fully functional, fully equipped, advanced technology, service standards, distinctive set of medical, prevention, rehabilitation and health care as one of the major maternity hospital.

Hospital adjacent to Ningbo East Railway Station, convenient transportation, a business area of 16,800 square meters, the hospital not only has a top three hospitals in the country for many years and has a wealth of clinical experience renowned team of experts, also has a professional star nursing team, butler service team, flight attendants and customer service team standard administrative elite team, and spent the introduction of foreign advanced cutting-edge medical equipment, such as the US GE Voluson four-dimensional color ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, Germany laparoscopy, Oxford fetal monitors, etc., for the medical quality and laid a solid guarantee. Technically pursuit hospital minimally invasive, painless, green, safe, and has formed a preconception, prenatal, intrapartum, postpartum treatment services as one system.

Taiwan to introduce a comprehensive hospital management, service concept, the use of private-star service and maternal and child care services, the hospital set up special maternity clinic for the integration of high-end crowd, high-end delivery room, maternal and child care month clubs, postpartum rehabilitation, prenatal music, oxygen bar, exclusive area baby swimming pool, physical training hall, VIP leisure areas, and supporting high-end, cozy rooms and a mother of special protection areas, to carry out painless childbirth, Doula, water delivery, cesarean section and other international cosmetic technology while also providing maternal disease screening, maternal health, disease surveillance in high-risk pregnant women, birth and early childhood, such as comprehensive and detailed treatment services. So you can enjoy a comfortable and quiet, warm and happy, luxury, professional medical, artistic atmosphere, intimate and professional catering and other safety meticulous care services.

Ningbo ABLER Maternity Hospital to all customers as the center, adhere to the "love, the pursuit of quality," the purpose of running the hospitals, the establishment of convenient medical treatment process, providing respect, caring, professional, efficient, high-quality medical services. When the hospital is committed to become a hotel-style (Hotel-style) combines family warmth (Home-warm) holistic medical care (Holistic care) of 3H hospital, providing for urban women in early pregnancy, prenatal, intrapartum, postpartum stop service to create an international, professional and humane hospital characteristics, leading Ningbo maternity medical trend.