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Membership card management regulations

Abol member is a symbol of your honorable status. Membership program can provide comprehensive considerate medical security service for you and your family. Membership program will let you and your family to get the body and mind of comprehensive care. Every time you go to Abol, can we serve you enjoy the respect and courtesy and privileges exclusive value-added services. Your child, your family will because of your noble and more noble.

General provisions

Article 1 in order to providing members with respect, quality service and convenient consumer payment and settlement tool, promote the benign communication hospital with customers, the purpose of this VIP member card management system.
Second membership card is issued by the Department of Obstetrics and gynecology hospital Ningbo APRO, a membership payment instruments have stored value cash register function, treatment, settlement and many other query.
Article third the cardholder shall comply with the membership card management system.

Membership card management rules

A, membership card category
Ningbo Jiangdong Abol maternity hospital limited membership card is divided into three grades, respectively, silver, gold, diamond card.
For two, membership card
Processing conditions
1 all Ningbo Jiangdong Abol maternity hospital Co., customers can apply to the hospital customer service center, and fill out the "Ningbo Abol obstetrics and gynecology hospital VIP membership card application form".
2 the applicant to select the category corresponding membership card at the customer service center, to charge at the corresponding amount of pre charge cards, simultaneous activation of membership card.
For the right and enjoy three, membership card
1 disposable pre deposit $10000 (including $10000) above, the relevant procedures, can be achieved silver status.
2 disposable pre deposit $30000 (including $30000) above, to handle the relevant formalities, can get gold membership.
The 3 hospital disposable pre deposit $50000 (including $50000) above, the relevant procedures, can be made of diamonds card membership.
4 in order to guarantee the quality of service, membership card to the real name system limited edition, to enjoy the full range, continuous and uninterrupted private health management services, the establishment of specialist accompanied, for treatment.
5 if the membership card is lost or damaged, the customer can be a new card with a valid identity document for the change of registration of the equivalent, the original card automatically void. To change the card fee 50 yuan. During the lost members of the damage suffered by the member's responsibility.
6 membership card after the purchase, back card, can give, lend. Risk of loss and damage the center does not assume the cardholder and therefore may lead to. Each consumer, need the cardholder and the use of a password, provide the password for registration by the cardholder when.
7 cardholders in our hospital medical service (including maternity hospital, confinement club and maternal use supermarket).
8 for the first time to reach the corresponding pre deposit amount can enjoy the following recharge discount, silver 5% off, gold 10% off, diamond card 15% off.
9 the establishment of personal, family health record, comprehensive health information collection, and be responsible for its strict confidentiality.
10 cardholders can enjoy priority reservation and non reservation service priority service in hospital.
11 enjoy not regularly sending relevant medical knowledge, health information. The priority to participate in by the professor, expert lecture seminar and member activity.
12 enjoy designated experts or help to recommend experts to provide medical services.
13 in order to guarantee the quality of service, membership card to the real name system limited edition.
14 membership card to provide top up service, the balance of the card is exhausted and not continue to recharge, available other ways to pay the difference, the difference in part not to enjoy the appropriate discount. Silver disposable recharge to 30000 yuan, can be upgraded to gold members; disposable recharge to 50000 yuan, can be upgraded to a diamond card member.
Four, the cardholder's obligation
1, fill in the VIP health information, so that the issuer has the medical service provides enough information for the cardholder.
2, if this card is lost, please timely report, and in accordance with the provisions of the procedures manual fill card. Back card by the original receipts, consumption amount has not enjoy discount, the balance must also pay a 8% fee.
3, the two sides need to transfer valid ID card, to the center for transfer procedures. The customer shall transfer the card in a gift or inform the transferee of the manual, a transfer, as the transferee known these provisions in accordance with the provisions of the operation.

Treatment principles of dispute

1, membership card in the process, the issuer and the cardholder dispute, both sides should be resolved through consultation. Negotiation fails, any party shall have the right to demand resolve through legal channels.
In 2, premise that does not damage the lawful rights and interests of cardholders, the issuer shall have the right to make the necessary changes to the manual without prior notice to the cardholder's case, the revised terms are still valid for the cardholder.
3, the cardholder once officially became the Institute member, is deemed to the school rules and regulations and the approval of this manual, and the content of this manual has been clearly known and accepted.
4, Ningbo Jiangdong Abol maternity hospital limited company has the final right to interpret this manual.